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Support San Patrignano to give back a future to thousands of families
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Community for minors
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Supporting San Patrignano gives a future to thousands of children and families
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Recovery and Prevention

For over 40 years, San Patrignano has offered free help to girls and boys with addiction problems. As many as 26 thousand those accepted so far and 1000 those currently in progress. With a recovery rate of 72% among those who complete the course.

A commitment aimed not only at those who have already fallen into the drug tragedy, but also thousands of young people so that in the future they do not find themselves in the same problem. For this reason, every year San Patrignano reaches 50 thousand Italian students with its WeFree prevention project.


San Patrignano is a community for life that welcomes those suffering from drug addiction and marginalization and helps them to once again find their way thanks to a rehabilitation programme that is above all, a programme based on love. It is free, because love is a gift.

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