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International workshop at San Patrignano

After months of uncertainty, now we have a certainty: the COVID-19 pandemic crisis will last at least until next year, when the global distribution of the vaccine can hopefully help us tackle the problem, protecting the most vulnerable ones. Until then, our priority remains to protect our people, as we have been able to do up to now, by continuing to welcome new comers and managing family visits and home visits with all the necessary precautions, but avoiding as much as possible that external visitors get in close contact with our residents. Therefore, unfortunately we will not be able to organize the Autumn session of the workshop. We are deeply regretful about this, as it is a fundmental part of our work, and a source of further development for the community and for our people. But we are sure that all of you will continue to follow our work: we look forward to the opportunity to welcome all of you at San Patrignano

We will continue to monitor all developments related to COVID-19 and follow advice provided by the World Health Organization and the Italian Government, as well as the guidelines provided by the National sanitary system concerning residential treatment services. Rescheduling of the next session of the workshop will be announced in good time for applicants to make appropriate arrangements. Further updates about upcoming sessions will be provided in due course. Do not hesitate to ask for further information to