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Organizational structure

San Patrignano Foundation

San Patrignano is a non-profit foundation whose sole objective is “social solidarity”. It owns a large part of the land and is used exclusively, “to freely offer goods, services and initiatives in favor of people who are marginalized and addicted to drugs”.

Comunità San Patrignano Società Cooperativa Sociale

The heart of San Patrignano is to promote companionship, welfare, cultural and training activities and those that support school education without profit-making objectives, in a democratically self-managed structure it undertook the rehabilitation process to tackle all kinds of marginalization and drug addiction. It mainly relies on personal performances and in mutualistic terms, freely and voluntarily made by the members themselves “(art. 2 Statute).
The activity is aimed towards human development and reintegration back into society as the ultimate goal, taking into consideration the principles of freedom, personal dignity and the right to privacy. It supports most of the workshops and/or crafts that take place at San Patrignano.

San Patrignano Società Agricola Cooperativa Sociale

It supports all activities related to agriculture, the vegetable horticulture, gardening and forestry, farming of animals with additional activities relating to wildlife and to the environment.

In addition to these, other bodies include the San Patrignano Association of Education and Training and the San Patrignano Association of Amateur Sports.
Since the establishment of The Association of School and Training, in 2004, the management of vocational courses partnered with and is registered to the Emilia Romagna regional formation. Autonomous Province of Trento and its training agencies are collaborated with the Ministry of Public Education.
The Polisportiva is an amateur association partnered with “The Registry of C.O.N.I.” and as its goal, the development, promotion and operation of sports activities, in favor of the Community’s residents.