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Our values


The therapeutic program is based on education and rehabilitation. The person is not considered afflicted by an “illness” and therefore, pharmacological treatments to combat drug abuse are not used. Instead physiotherapeutic and psychiatric interventions are implemented when deemed necessary, in order to treat specific individual problems.

Free of charge

San Patrignano is completely free of charge for its residents and for their families. For the entrance and permanence in community, there’s no public expenditure. Why is the service free? It allows each person to feel a sense of responsibility for, and in control of, his or her program. The services and products that we create according to an outlook of self-sufficiency provide for about 50% of the requirements for the community. The other remaining funds come from donations, in keeping with the community’s philosophy, do not come from our residents or their families.

A secular approach

The main principles on which our educational and therapeutic activities are based on the respect for life, for one’s self, for others and for the environment which are universally recognized by various faiths and religions and are enshrined in the Italian Constitution.”