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Sociological research

For almost 15 years, San Patrignano undergoes a periodic assessment evaluating the efficiency of its program.
This stems from the belief that its social responsibility is to demonstrate its functionality, transparently opens up their doors to universities and third party entities, also by studies from sociological follow-ups or with the aid of toxicological techniques.
These studies, carried out by the Universities of Bologna, Urbino and Pavia, have periodically examined former residents of the community with a minimum of three years after the completion of their program.
From the research, also validated by medical retroactive tests, show that over 70% of the residents of the Community that have completed the program, have fully reintegrated into society and no longer use any type of drug.

The Community Seen from the Bottom
by Claudio Baraldi and Giuliano Piazzi
download summary in pdf

San Patrignano between Community and Society
by Paolo Guidicini and Giovanni Pieretti
download summary in pdf (189 Kb)

San Patrignano Environmental Therapy and City Effect
by Paolo Guidicini and Giovanni Pieretti
download summary in pdf (234 Kb)

Beyond the Community
by Giorgio Manfrè, Giuliano Piazzi, Aldo Pollettini
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Life styles at risk
This combination, apparently unlikely, has nonetheless, demonstrated on the contrary, to be an extremely effective synergy, in the drug prevention field.
These results, which are not only statistical, regarding the research on lives at risk, conceived and done by the Community of San Patrignano with the collaboration of the Regional Schooling office and the University of ”Carlo Bo” in Urbino. Their research which is presented in Rimini, having monitored 1181 middle school and high school students in the province of Rimini.