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Gift in kind: donation of products

It is an important way, very comparable to a donation of money, to support San Patrignano and his work: donate products useful to the operation of the structure (for example: pc’s, stationary, fax, printers, food, clothes, toiletry, advertisement placing and consulting).

List of items needed for the Community of San Patrignano

  • Food (fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, durum wheat semolina pasta, bottled water, coffee beans, extra virgin olive oil, granulated sugar)
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Plumbing materials (eg: bathroom accessories, faucets, sanitary ceramics, boilers, air conditioners, radiators, pipes for hydraulic systems)
  • Electrical equipment (eg: such as light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, light fixtures, batteries of all kinds, electrical cables)
  • Hardware (eg: power tools, fasteners, bolts, anchors, various utensils)
  • Petrolubricants (for example, lubricating oils, diesel for agricultural use and petrol)
  • Informatics (eg: PCs, printers, toner)
  • Chancellery (eg: reams of paper A4 / A3, ballpoint pens, folders, pencils and crayons, recorders and folders)
  • Gymnasium equipment
  • Various materials for sanitary use (eg: adult diapers, baby diapers, sanitary napkins for women, disposable gowns, syringes, insulin syringes, sterile gauze, disposable surgical masks, disposable gloves)
  • Workwear (eg: white coats medical use, overalls, dungarees, coats, padded jackets, chef jackets, white tunics, trousers, jackets, shorts, t-shirts)
  • Materials for woodworking (eg: orbitals, screwdrivers, sanders, acetone, various diluents, brushes)
  • Office furnishings (eg: desks, coat racks, chairs)
  • Home furnishings(for example: sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables)