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Involve your employees in San Patrignano

To Improve the interal climate and to develop a strong sense of trust, pride and Belonging to Their Own company, you can engage and mobilize employees in volunteering and fundraising.
The company can undertake a fundraiser for San Patrignano between their employees and then decide to double or triple the amount collected.In addition the company can promote Payroll Giving in favor of San Patrignano. It consists of a free donation deducted monthly from the salary of an amount equivalent to one or more hours of work.
It’s a form of regular, ongoing donation, that can operate in long-term logictics and planning.
The work Within the Community is the keystone of the San Patrignano system, with over 30 years of experience It has all the tools for corporate volunteering with Which to Strengthen individual motivation and at the same time generate a sense of Belonging and collaboration Within workgroups.
some examples:

“How to make good bread at home”
The bakery was founded in 1987 to cater to the domestic needs of the Community, ensuring bread for the three main meals, as well as pastries, cakes and ice cream. It is, thanks to the important and very experienced baker Giuliano Pediconi, an activity of professional training for the boys of the Community who wish to learn the secrets of white art.
The products, which have diversified over time, are obtained thanks to two mother yeasts, “Attila” and “Ornament”, born from acidification of a mixture of flour and water fed daily. Among them, rye bread and walnuts, raisins and oats, kamut, the Tuscan, the Apulian, the crusty, cereal, tomato and ricotta, milk, wheat broken, bocconcini with walnuts, focaccia Puglia the baguette, bread sticks and sliced bread white and black cuttlefish. Many of these varieties are some of the most cherished products of the Community in the surrounding area’s. Not only bread but also many sweets: biscuits of all types, the buns, tarts, puff pastries, to donuts, right up to the muffins.
The know-how developed over the years, the knowledge and professionalism of managers in the industry and above all the passion of every single person, they allowed us to ‘open’ the doors of the oven, for fans and non-fans alike, making it for a few hours to true and real area for learning, by which in theory and practice are learning the white art. Having to concentrate everything in one day’s work, the work is focused on the most important product and the communities use, the bread, which reveals all its secrets during production.

“The wine from the vine to the bottle”
The activities related to the harvest can be deemed a suggestive metaphor of teamwork and constant tension associated to the pursuit of excellence. In San Patrignano wine is much more than just wine, it defines life.
Excellent wines that come from a grape of great quality, but even more by the passion of the residents of San Patrignano. For it is them who treat the vineyard, whether winter or summer, taking care of the harvesting of grapes, to grape selection, to following the maturation process in casks and barriques.The wine ages and the guys get together, rediscover themselves and rediscover a taste for life. The vineyards of San Patrignano extend over the hills of Coriano and overlook the coast of Rimini. One hundred and ten hectares, all currently in production. The work allows us to understand the fundamental processes that are behind the creation of a prestigious wine, from the vine to the bottle. All this took place directly in the cantina, to see and touch the various stages of production, beeing explained by the sector managers in the company of residents in the program; a journey between theory, practice, and especially personal experiences, who thanks to their passion for wine have regained a life

“Cook for life”
The format ‘Cook for Life’ to true team building experience in which one of our chefs, joined by some residents in the program, who in turn shoulder the responsibility of Transferring his / her knowledge to guests without neglecting the Importance of Their social message, using and enhancing many of our raw materials. An experience That Allows us to know and practice the concept of ‘KM Zero’.