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Your marketing with San Patrignano

All companies know the importance of a relationship with their customers.

It’s known That a customer is sensitive to the social causes (something Cause Related Marketing – CRM) and choose a product rather than another Depending on the social partnership.
San Patrignano can associate its logo and its communication to a specific product, a product line or a service provided by the company.

The donation is represented by a percentage of sales or a precise amount. For the company it is an important opportunity to communicate their social commitment to its customers and all other stakeholders already supporting the activities of the Community.

Even prize operations are a very effective tool to support San Patrignano. Just provide a dedicated section of the catalog to collection points for company. Alongside classic awards, toaster, set of towels, service coffee cups, you can offer more opportunity to the customers: choose to be part of a major project by helping to finance the initiatives promoted by San Patrignano.

The corresponding value of the points is then converted into money and paid by the company to our community.