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Category: Depressant

What is the abuse of solvents

Means the repeated and deliberate inhalation of solvent vapours in order to reach intoxication. Unlike other drugs solvents are easily available and affordable , freely and lawfully in the form of peoducts for domestic and industrial use.

Cold sprays

Cold sprays are becoming very popular, especially among the student population. These are local anesthetics of the type used for minor injuries during sports competitions.


Include the most disparate substances that contain organic compounds. They range from paint to stain remover, disinfectant insecticides and petrols.

Effects and Collateral Effects

Inhalation produces a state of intoxification that last for about ten minutes. The taker becomes euphoric, feels omnipitant, experiences visual and acoustic hallucinations. Side effects include convulsions, blurred or double vision, muscle weakness, loss of cosciousness, memory problems, disorietation and even death.


Different from other drugs, these substances could give rise to violent behaviour that often turns violent towards people or things.


Solvent abuse puts the cardiovascular system under enormous stress that originate with respiratory depression , circulatory collapse and even cardiac paralysis.There are frequent cases in which theses complication manafested with the first ingestion.
These are very dangerous as the overdose can happen very easily. prolonged exposure can lead to kidney and liver damage also blood diseases.