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San Patrignano has a recovery program to treat people with gambling addiction which was introduced a few years ago.
It is a residential program which takes a minimum of one year, located in the mountainous region of Botticella in Rimini.
It’s an individual program, with a specific methodology, but still subjective. It varies depending on the different characteristics and needs of each person.
Educational model
The Community employs cognitive behavioral psychotherapeutic support, aimed at removing all beliefs about gambling and all the negative thought patterns that one engages in, which leads to addiction.
At the same time for the full recovery of each individual , there are fundamental relationships that the subject develops within the Community in order to regain an ability to relate both socially and effectively.
Personal Support
For the entire stay, each individual is followed by a psychotherapist and a mentor.
Apart from these, the individual is later joined by another resident, a “follower”, who is near the end of his program and together they help each other.
Family support
Since the first request for help, San Patrignano identifies the family situation of the pathological gambler and assesses who will become the person of reference for him. The mentor in San Patrignano will keep in constant contact with the chosen person of reference.
Halfway through the program, the individual will be allowed to go home for a few days, accompanied by the mentor and the person of reference.
This step serves as a sense of responsibility for the individual and makes them aware of their changes.
On return to the community an assessment of what was experienced and he will start following a new individual who has just entered the program and take responsibility of the new individual.
At the end of the rehabilitation we believe it’s more effective for the individual to follow a program at our main community in Rimini (San Patrignano) to gain a skill before returning back into society. Being placed into the following sectors (e.g. Call-center; graphic agency, communication office, farming industry and the many positions in the restaurant industry).
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