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You can help

Becoming a friend and supporter of San Patrignano is simple and immediate. Just choose one of the ways described below to give practical help and enable residents of the community to return as masters of their own lives.
Whatever the way you’ve chosen to support the Community, can be achieved tax relief.

Support San Patrignano means to make possible a life without dependencies for thousands of people.
Your help is important because the community does not request or receive money from guests, their families, or the State.

Restoring hope to marginalized people welcoming them into our large family has a very high cost. With our production activities and work we are able to meet only 50% of our needs.

For San Patrignano a donation gives us the possibility of being able to turn the engines of this great machine that saves thousands of people from a past life of addiction and discomfort.
We believe in sharing and with your help we can win the battle against drugs.

There are many ways to support us, both as an individual and as a company.