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Make your legacy

Did you ever think That what you have now, the fruit of your commitment and your work, is not always destined for what you would like, or as your comscience would deem just? That’s why it is important to express clearly and simply our choices, to be sure that our desires, in agreement with our families and loved ones, are respected. Although not always considered so, The will is in fact an act of great responsibility as a safeguard of the assets to be allocated to families without excluding entities you think worthy of your support. Except for the portion of assets reserved for direct heirs, (rightful share) anyone can independently decide the destination of their estate.
The Community of San Patrignano has the ability to accept bequests. A legacy becomes valid only after death and can only be made via a will.
To be sure that your wishes are respected, you can choose to draw up a holographic will (exclusively of your hand with the date and signature) or public will (drawn up by a notary).

How will your legacy be used?
From the beginning, the Community of San Patrignano has strived to preserve its financial autonomy through the renunciation of “maintenance fees” by the state and not accepting money from guests and their families. The need to provide our guests with services and quality tools requires an ongoing economic commitment. For greater transparency and clarity, we annually certify the financial statements of our Association. Legacies are integrated into the global stock of the organization, and broken down rationally in support of the institutional activities.

How much does it cost to make a will?
The procedure is not complicated and, even if you decide to draft a holographic will, it is good to seek advice from a notary so it will not be challenged. The costs will be limited.
How much is the inheritance tax affected on what and where my summer is destined in my will?
San Patrignano is a Non-profit Organisations of Social Utility (NPO) and for this reason the entire amount of your bequest, big or small, is donated entirely in the amount determined by you without being subjected to any inheritance tax.

Can I bequeath real estate

San Patrignano has the option of accepting bequests of real estate. These properties, because of the realization of the activities carried out by San Patrignano, will remain in the assets of the organization. If it is appropriate to proceed with the sale of the property, the proceeds will be fully used to improve the quality of our services.

Can the will be revoked?
A will may be revoked by those who drafted it at any time, because a will takes effect only at the death of the testator. At the time of his/her death, we will take into account only the last testament.

How else can I support San Patrignano in addition to a legacy?

You can choose to be on our side even through an insurance policy. Life insurance is a form of security rather widespread. The holder can decide who will be the beneficiary in case of death without any constraints against the legitimate heirs.
The holder who wishes to nominate San Patrignano as beneficiary of his insurance policy, must notify the agency of insurance at the time of subscription or later and will be reported in the bill itself, or they may declare it in his/her will. Again, the decision may be revoked at any time by those who drafted it.