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International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficing

On june 26, we free in collaboration with our network of friend associations based all over the world, decided to actively participate to the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking by organizing events world wide. Here is the list of some of our actions:
• In Cananda, Toronto, the Unity Charity will be organizing lesson of beat box at art gallery ontario starting at 5 p.m.
• Sociedad real organizes in Colombia, Pereira a hip hop concert with break dancers starting at 3 p.m.
• Transformers in Lisbon are having a break dance and graffiti making event from 12 p.m.
• In Berlin, Germany, streetunivercity are doing the dance coreography in Naunynritze , Berlin neighbourhood famous for drugs and crime.
• In London, official launch of San Patrignano UK association.
As for our home, Italy, we are preparing a chain of events that will be happening during the whole day of 26. In the morning, Termini Underground, the crew from Ali Onlus association is doing a flashmob in Termini station, while in the afternoon is organized an hip hop and graffiti workshop at Centro Culturale Aldo Fabrizi in San Basilio, one of the most notorious neighbourhoods of Rome. Ad for last but not the least, San Patrignano’s guys are having “Ragazzi Rer Male” a theatrical performance in Casa del Jazz.
You can check out the atmosphere of all of these events here on our we free web page and if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, we invite everybody to stop by and show your support!

25 June 2013