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Liquorice liqueur

It was a Saturday afternoon, one of many, but not to spend it at home feeling sorry for myself between bowls of triple flavored ice cream, films full of images that excite me and memories that have me shed bitter tears.

Then I decided to go out for a drink, and I remembered a pub that one day, accompanying my sister to drama school, I had noticed.

It was in the center, very simple and cute with particular lights.

I decided to go there, I entered and ordered a double malt beer.

There were few people in the room; it wasn’t during busy hours.

Looking around I noticed a girl with long red hair, light complexion, blue eyes surrounded by a delicate face full of freckles.

The more I looked, the more I seemed to know her.

After a while, I decided to approach her with the excuse of getting her something to drink because she was alone.

Too bad that in front of her she already had a bottle of licorice liqueur and a glass.

I thought that surely such a pretty girl, alone in a room, on a Saturday afternoon with a bottle of strong liquor, had something to behold.

Well anyway, I approached her saying: “hello, have we already met somewhere else? I seem to know you already”; she responded saying that it was likely because we live in the same area.

As we went on speaking, deepening our acquaintanceship, as we talked superficially her sadness leaked, I sensed that there was something wrong.

She saw that I had understood her discomfort, but she tried to be polite towards me.

Then I said, “It’s my first time at this place. A week ago I passed by here when I took my sister Elena to acting school, two blocks from here and I was impressed, perhaps for that signboard with those bright colored neon lights”

She looked at me, hesitated for a moment; her face began to turn red while she asked me questions about my sister, asking me how does she look like and what does she do.


I said to her: “My sister is brunet, tall, green eyes, she is a beautiful girl, she has a keen talent for acting, so much so that two weeks ago they gave her an important part in theatrical play, she has taken the part of another girl, poor thing, who knows how she is!


She looked into his eyes, began to cry, got up, went to pay the cashier and without a word she left.


The poor thing was her!



5 August 2016