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Opened today “2Young” the new space for the minors of San Patrignano

A new structure for their leisure time created thanks to Enel Cuore Social Economy


A new space for the leisure time of underage of San Patrignano; teens whose parents are in program, and minors who are in the community for problems with drug addiction and social deviance. It is “2Young“, thanks to the support of Enel Cuore Onlus, it has been inaugurated this morning at the presence of Novella Pellegrini, General Secretary of Enel Cuore and Antonio Tinelli, President of the Community of San Patrignano.


“The leisure space is central to an educating community like San Patrignano,” said Antonio Tinelli, president of San Patrignano, “because it accompanies individual and collective creative skills. Younger guests are stimulated to cultivate their talents and makes it easier for our operators to help the younger residents to build relationships increasing their initiative. During their program the goal is to recover as much as possible their physical and psychic balance by overcoming the fragility caused the lack of affection and extremely degrading experiences. ”


 Novella Pellegrini, General Secretary of Enel Cuore Social Economy, said that she  renews support for the Community of San Patrignano in line with its commitment to support initiatives aimed at families experiencing a difficult time by offering their children, in particular, opportunities to pursue their path of growth and discovery. These spaces represent a place of regeneration and encounter through play and sociality, essential experiences for the recovery and emotional tranquility of the boys. ” The “2Young” center is located within the community in the vicinity of the Study Center, where school lessons are held for the guests. Surrounded by the greenery, the property has a large outdoor garden and features large windows.

Thanks to the precious support of Enel Cuore Social Economy  the existing 60-square-meter building has been restructured with an additional 80 square meters extension. Inside, the space is equipped with play equipment (foosball and table tennis, and squash), musical instruments, various sofas and seats, a kitchen for preparing small refreshments for parties or birthdays.

26 October 2017