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San Patrignano craftwork protagonist of “Salone del Mobile”

San Patrignano’s youths are pleased of having their artisan work displayed to Milan’s prestigious “Salone del Mobile” exhibition

San Patrignano craftwork  is protagonist of “Salone del Mobile”. San Patrignano Design Lab, the craftsmanship union of the community, displays to the furnishing and design showcase of Milan being one of the world’s most prestigious.

There are three appointments and opportunities for the visibility of the great commitment of the youths. Yesterday, ” Doppia firma ” was presented , it’s the fourth edition of the project launched by the Cologni Foundation for Art Professions, in search of a dialogue between design thinking and high craftsmanship. San Patrignano is the protagonist of the installation with its paper marble and the artistic reinterpretation of a screen. Together with the designer Vito Nesta , who has done valuable research work, the youths of the community’s artisan workshop have created a marble-effect wallpaper with pearlescent and hand-painted pigments and the particular screen.It will be displayed in Villa Mozart, which is home of the Giampiero Bodino high-fashion house, until April the 14th . All of the works will be mounted on pedestals covered with wallpaper, resembling the texture of marble.

In the Salone Satellite 2019, on the other hand, the wallpaper project is the result of the collaboration between the community and the designer Federico Pazienza, who embodies a broader aesthetic reflection inspired by Greek antiquity as the bearer of universal values ​​of empathy and grace.A project that combines digital with artistic craftsmanship of handmade quality.

At Fuorisalone 2019 instead, the weaving of San Patrignano is a finalist of the “Ro Plastic Prize” by Rossana Orlandi .The community, through the hand looms, has given life to a special texture with colored plastic threads, of various thickness and height, transforming waste materials into innovative textile products.This is the philosophy that guided the project of the San Patrignano weaving sector.A creative challenge addressed to the international community of designers with the intention of thinking differently about the origin of objects, starting with the use of plastic, that is the nowadays primary source of pollution on the planet.The recognition aims to promote re-use, recycling and reinvention.

9 April 2019