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San Patrignano and Delancey Street: a conference together in San Francisco

In light of the great interest aroused with the first conference at the Columbia University in November 2018, Jonathan Avery, MD (Weill Cornell Medical College; New York-Presbyterian Hospital) organizes a new conference on “The Opioid Epidemic and the Therapeutic Community Model”, supported by the Friends of San Patrignano – New York. The conference will be held in San Francisco, at the Delancey Street Foundation headquarters on May 24th.

Among the many important speakers, besides Dr. Avery, there will be Tauheed Zaman, MD (Director, Addiction Consult and Opioid Safety, San Francisco VA Medical Center; Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF Department of Psychiatry), Antonio Boschini (Therapeutic Program Manager, San Patrignano), Gabriele Manella (University of Bologna – Ce.P.Ci.T. research center) and  Kristopher Kast, MD (Chief Psychiatry Resident, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York-Presbyterian Hospital). Mimi Silbert, Founder and CEO of Delancey Street Foundation will join the conference as keynote speaker and share her many-year-long experience and amazing expertize in this field! Former residents of San Patrignano e Delancey will bring living testimonies of their own experiences of drug addiction and recovery.

It is an unmissable opportunity to know more about TC model and how it can be implemented following a cost effective process. Recovery can be a life changing experience not only for individuals with drug use disorders, but also for their families and their communities, when they return to society as positive and contributing member of it. Helping people to get their lives back on track and giving them back to society, recovery can create values and recovery human and economic resources.

17 April 2019