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San Patrignano, welcomes the Environment-Artist Anne de Carbuccia

San Patrignano: Meeting on Environment and Climate Change, Thursday the 2nd of May

An artist who explores the climatic emergency through photography and symbolic language. Anne de Carbuccia will be in San Patrignano on Thursday the 2nd of May. The meeting starting at 6.00 pm, includes a broader program aimed at raising awareness amongst youths and adolescents about the environmental protection issues.A dialogue that aims to promote a widespread environmental conscience for the youths to be aware and responsible for their actions, with respect to everything that surrounds them and, hence, their future.The project will involve students and the youths of San Patrignano.

The meeting of Thursday the 2nd of May, is for the youths of San Patrignano, in particular. The artist through a series of photos of her compositions and films, will unveil her travels to the most remote corners of the planet. Her creation of Art encloses her commitment in promoting sustainable lifestyles for the Environment.

Since its establishment, San Patrignano is a “green” community, it always had a lifestyle in which the well-being of the person must be reconciled with attention to nature and the environment.Over the years, 100,000 trees have been planted in the area where the structure is located, recycling is thoroughly carried out, a cogeneration plant and a rainwater collection basin are in operation.Furthermore, agriculture and animal husbandry activities give rise to a complete short supply chain. Also, an internal composting plant, produces from organic farm waste, the fertilizer used for land and fields.

The beauty of the environment and the attention to detail, are for the community has always believed to be fundamental elements of the program, are fundamental elements of the program, in particular for people who lived without rules and points of reference in places of physical and psychological degradation.

Anne de Carbuccia is an artist-environmentalist who has been running One Planet, One Future for five years , a project that focuses on the environmental crisis and climate emergency, promoting more sustainable lifestyles for the future. Her Time Shrines, are temporary installations created in symbolic places and photographed strictly with natural light. Anne has developed a profound interest in nature since her childhood – her father was friends with famous explorers such as Jacques Cousteau and Alain Bombard – which led her to graduate in Anthropology at the Columbia University making her journey a privileged research field, like the expedition to Antarctica, where she decided to start her art-science-environment project. With tenacity and passion, in just a few years she managed to structure her idea, by creating a foundation that bears her ideal.  


30 April 2019