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Sanpa’s products arrive at the Borough Market of London

An exceptional showcase and tasting of fine foods, including wine and oil, from the laboratories of the Community. The exhibition also includes some products made by girl guests in the handloom weaving technique

Sanpa’s products arrive to the Borough Market of London. On Thursday 19th of December the most famous English market of food will host an exceptional showcase of Italian delicacies, including wine and oil, from the laboratories of the Community. Thanks to Emilia Ltd, an import company of italian gastronomic specialties, visitors will be able to taste and buy a great variety of “charcuterie” and cheese from Romagna, a region steeped in flavor and tradition. To enhance the unique and artisanal taste of the products, there will be an  accurate presentation with Lorenzo Milanesi, chef that at San Patrignano has regained confidence in himself after a history of drug addiction. From 6 pm, Lorenzo Milanesi will serve small plates. At the same time a wine tasting, of wines already present in the UK market, will be held at the booth. The exhibition also includes some products made with the handloom by girl guests of the Community.

Innovative structure made of glass, the Borough Market is not only a food market but a meeting place where the shopping experience is combined with the feeling of curiosity and relaxation. With a huge choice of spots and stalls it offers the pleasure of discovering products through workshops and detailed information on provenance and value.


13 December 2013