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Is someone out there

Is there someone who is unable to find the courage that they need
to admit it to others and to themselves
who down deep are filled with fear.

Is there someone who continues to hide behind a lie
aware that after so much, too much darkness
the light would hurt their eyes.

Is there someone who’s afraid to look at the calender
And discover that tomorrow is already today
and yet nothing has changed.

Is there someone able to live holed up in their own weaknesses
Locked up inside themselves
Someone who keeps asking
desperately, in a whisper, almost in silence
if there really is someone out there …

The answer to this question is as simple as it is beautiful
There is someone!
Is there someone who does not hold back in times of need.
Is there someone who doesn’t stop thinking change is possible.
Is there someone that can bear the burden of your problems
And walk along side you for a piece of the journey.

Is there someone ready to give you everything asking only in return
that you try to pick yourself up again and hold your head high.

This is someone ready to dig with their hands until they break their nails
to help us find the treasure
Hidden deep within all of us.

15 February 2016