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The Sustainable Economy forum indicates a new direction for the business world

Today the second edition of the Sustainable Economy Forum organized by Confindustria and San Patrignano in the community itself ended, in the presence of over 60 national and international speakers.

In the conclusions of the event, Confindustria President Vincenzo Boccia referred to yesterday’s visit by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: “San Patrignano is a point of cultural convergence. A year ago the government saw in the “Reddito di cittadinanza” welfare and the pension reform, as the two priorities of the country. Yesterday Prime Minister Conte underlined the importance of growth. We are really happy with the legitimacy of the prime minister, convinced that growth is not an ends, but a fundamental precondition for creating a better society. In this forum we are witnessing a cultural revolution of a world that, starting from industry, indicates a new direction. It is a small masterpiece that determines an essential element of pride. We are a cultural alternative “.

Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the San Patrignano Foundation, joins in the morning’s speeches : “Integration, connection and alliances are some of the words that this forum leaves us with. If we are able to positively decline these concepts we will have more chance of achieving the sustainability goals set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda. We must all be responsible for achieving these goals and the Forum is in effect a concrete example of the many small steps that can be taken”.

This two days was indeed an opportunity to take stock of the “Together for Africa” project promoted last year by Confindustria, San Patrignano, the UN International Trade Center and E4Impact, structured on three pillars: partnership between companies for the support for entrepreneurship in Africa, social inclusion and social finance. Yesterday, together with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, a new piece was added to the path of this important collaboration with the signing of a Memorandum in which the partners of the initiative intend to collaborate to promote projects of common interest, including through the identification of suitable financial instruments, to support Italian and African companies, as key players in sustainable and inclusive growth processes.

“Today the project takes a new step forward through an initiative geared in particular to the pillar of the partnership between companies to support entrepreneurship in Africa, through a path of matching between Italian companies and African companies built on the principle of partnership – explains Letizia Moratti – The objective, but also our firm’s will, is to further increase the base of African companies that are partners in the initiative through the common sharing of digital tools that the various promoters of Together for Africa have at their disposal” .

An idea that is based on precise tools:   Connext, the digital marketplace of Confindustria that in the 2019 edition has connected hundreds of Italian and foreign companies, the pool of companies and entrepreneurs trained by the E4Impact Foundation in Africa and the She Trades project by International Trade Center   dedicated to the women’s company in the world, with a particular focus on African women entrepreneurs. The goal is to promote a common database of African companies, in order to make the analysis of potential connections with Italian companies even more effective and qualitative.

And the appointment for the measurement of the results is launched at the 2020 edition : “We have important objectives, we want to create a solid and effective network that, through paths of   partnerships, supports African companies to grow in their own countries, to be a driving force for well-being and employment, ultimately also favoring social inclusion, the second pillar of the Insieme per l’Africa project and also offering a concrete response to limiting the migration phenomenon , through the opportunity of work in the countries of origin ”, concluded Letizia Moratti.

The Sustainable Economy Forum 2019 is an initiative of Confindustria and San Patrignano. Institutional partners: E4Impact and International Trade Center; main partner: BNP Paribas , Sole24Ore ; top partners: Accenture, Eni, Hitachi Rail STS, Intesa San Paolo; partners: Aon, Bracco , Acqua Alma, Celli Group brand, Ente Microcredito, IGP Decaux, Lavazza; with the support of the IBM Foundation; official car: Ford

5 April 2019