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Wefree does prevention at bowling seventies

There will also be Leonards testimony, a boy who is completing his recovery path at San Patrignano, tonight at “New Generation Fun”.

The WeFree prevention campaign of San Patrignano meets the project being promoted for the last few years called Bowling Seventies to encourage among young people a new entertainment model.

At 7 o’clock, in Cerasolo (RN) will host the periodic event “Niña”, dedicated to the ages between thirteen and seventeen (and parents) with famous guests, loved, viewed and followed by thousands of followers and fans.

Next to the other star of the evening, an idol of the people on Youtube Leonardo Decarli, from San Patrignano Leonardo will tell his own personal story of addiction and the path taken through community to get out, rediscovering himself and his passions.

A special dialogue with young people, a passage of experiences that can help to understand the false illusion sold by drugs and to share his insecurities and uncertainties that every adolescent experiences.

Supported by the Ania Foundation and QN, WeFree since 2002 it has developed its own theater format that in almost 500 performances involving almost 300 thousand young people; met more than 50 thousand students in meetings in more than 1,700 schools; and has more than 8 thousand stutents a year visit the San Patrignano campus.

18 February 2016