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The community

A typical day at San Patrignano is no different to the typical day of anyone outside the community. However, following normal rules of coexistence turns the daily life of anyone who has experienced situations of serious marginalization completely upside down, for this reason, it is indispensible as a practical educational method for learning to live with respect for others.

Every morning, the residents of San Patrignano wake up at a specific time and then do housework, such as making their bed and cleaning their room. Everyone then has breakfast together in the large dining room, before heading to their particular life sector, which also happens to be their vocational training sector. In the workshops, agricultural or service sectors, each resident has the possibility to dialogue and live side by side with others, to also gradually understand the responsibilities a job implies learning more about a given profession. All those who wish to do so can return to their studies at a special centre, in parallel to their normal life at the community.

Regardless of the sector each resident works in everyone has some free time during which they can do numerous other activities. Including sport, drama, singing or dance. Furthermore, after dinner residents can spend some time together watching films or TV programmes and shows in the community’s auditorium and theatre.

After reaching an advanced stage of their rehabilitation programme, some San Patrignano residents take part in drug prevention activities with visiting students or even outside the community.