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Free time and sport

A library with over 10,000 books, two facilities for film and television broadcasting, this guarantee’s information and a varied programme schedule for both adults and children. A multifunctional facility with sports equipment, a gym, and an open-air pool for the summer months; at San Patrignano, free time is organized by the residents themselves, with an aim of satisfying everyone’s needs.

Sport too has an important role in community life. Each year, we host in-house football, basketball and volleyball championships that involve around 800 people. San Patrignano’s teams also participate in regional tournaments. Sport is seen as an opportunity for people to come together, compete fairly, know their own limits and above all respect for their opponents.

Information and entertainment

Spazio Sanpa and the community theatre, broadcast a daily television schedule (from 7.00 pm to midnight) that includes information and news programmes, as well as entertainment, cultural and documentary programmes. Films are also shown based on the tastes of community residents.

Theatre workshops

More than 70 young people at the rehabilitation community take part in theatre workshops and dance courses with the support of specialist teachers. From this experience, a theatre group of 25 people has been set upwho stage shows at the community. From writing scripts, creating scenery and making costumes, to the organization of evenings dedicated to light/audio and video direction. In 2012, this theatre experience led to the founding of the San Patrignano Theatre Company, which performs all over Italy.


At San Patrignano, music accompanies the daily life of all residents. As well as a pastime, it is also a tool for growth. We have a choir, called the SanpaSingers, whose musical choices are inspired by gospel, spiritual and modern pop songs. There is also a music group, made of residents who develop or rediscover a passion for music.


Each year, San Patrignano hosts internal football, basketball and volleyball championships for a total of about 100 matches and 190 hours of training per discipline. The community has a football team that plays in the second category championship and a basketball team that plays in the UISP (Italian Sport for All Association) championship. At the Trento branch there is also a men’s volleyball team, which plays in the first division championship, and a five-a-side football team that plays in an amateur championship. Furthermore, each year it is possible to form new teams depending on the young people admitted; for example, we have had a women’s volleyball team in the past.
Also very popular is running, with a group of young people taking part in various regional and national competitions, as well as numerous young people who run for recreational reasons alone. Overall, about 10,000 hours a year are dedicated to all sorts of athletic activities.
Over 1,000 people take part, based on their individual inclinations.