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11th International workshop at San Patrignano

Spring Session: April 12 -20, 2018

Next Summer Session, 12th International Workshop: July 6 – 13, 2018

Next Fall Session, 13th International Workshop: October, 2018

The International Workshop will allow participants to live one full week within the premises of the community, attending experts’ lectures combined with experiential learning labs. This can offer social workers, social practitioners working on addiction, scholars and NGOs interested in the San Patrignano model, a unique opportunity to get to know closely the rehabilitation and social reinsertion model of the biggest community in Europe, as well our initiatives in the field of prevention from drug use.

San Patrignano, one of the world’s largest residential treatment center, has been working for the last thirty nine years for the full recovery of those suffering from drug addiction. Offering a program of rehabilitation, skills training and full social reintegration completely free of charge, the community has given a new chance to more than 27,000 young people with an independently verified drug free success rate of over 70%. Currently San Patrignano is home to roughly 1400 residents, the average age of which is dropping year by year.
Primary prevention initiatives are also part of our daily commitment: we organize theatrical presentations, interactive debates and study trips to the community using “peer-to-peer” education on the dangers of drug use. This complex project of prevention, called We Free, reaches 50,000 students all over Italy every year and is normally the special focus of the Fall session.
Besides the analysis of the therapeutic model, the Spring Special Session has a focus on a new economic model that serves society and promotes the growth of responsibility, sustainability and inclusivity advancements in social issues; participation to the Sustainable Economy Forum – SEF is included.
Aim of the workshop: San Patrignano welcomes NGOs, government delegates, academia, social workers, students, professionals and individuals interested in deepening their knowledge on our method in addressing drug problems, studying our model and educative approach. The workshop has been developed to respond to the large number of request for study visits and internships at San Patrignano, to share our expertise and offer a unique experience of our community. The International staff in cooperation with the University of Bologna and Milan created the format, based on previous visits of government and civil society delegations from around the world in recent years.
Venue: San Patrignano, Rimini, Italy and San Patrignano, Botticella di Novafeltria, Italy (from now on San Patrignano and Botticella)
Language: English
Duration: 8 days: the course will take place from Friday to Friday (both included). Please make the necessary travel arrangements to be able to arrive on Thursday 12 and leave the following weekend on Friday 20, late afternoon (or on Saturday morning)
Fees: 1350 euro (The fees include: lectures, learning material, accommodation and meals, full board for the duration of the course)
Accommodation: The accommodation is spilt between two branches of the community: Botticella (the pre-admission center) and San Patrignano, where the actual program is developed, into rooms with 3 to 4 beds, to experience firsthand the true community life-style.

Day 0 – Thursday:

Arrival into Rimini Railway Station on Thursday 12, between 3 and 6 pm, pick-ups and transfers to Botticella/San Patrignano

Day 1 – Friday in San Patrignano

Welcome breakfast
The whole day will be dedicated to the participation to the Sustainable Economy Forum
Dinner with the residents

Day 2 – Saturday in San Patrignano:

Welcome coffee and a briefing for the participants.
Morning: Lecture
* Organization and structure: San Patrignano, a social enterprise.
Lunch with the residents. Free time to rest.
Dinner with the residents.

Day 3 – Sunday in Botticella

Transfer to Botticella
Morning: Lecture
Preliminary contacts and admission process in the community, the preliminary work 1
*Getting prepared for the admission
* The Gambling Program
Lunch with the residents and short visit to Botticella
Transfer back to San Patrignano and free time until dinner
Dinner with the residents.

Day 4 – Monday in San Patrignano:

Morning: Visits to the San Patrignano premises and the vocational training departments. Lunch with the residents.
Afternoon: After lunch the visit continues and introduction to the experiential learning labs Lecture at 4pm: Preliminary contacts and admission process in the community, the preliminary work
* The role and dynamics of the admission: assessment of the motivational elements, alternative sentencing measures
Dinner with the residents.

Day 5 –Tuesday in San Patrignano:

Morning: Lecture
* Initial check-up, drug related diseases and introduction to the community program.
Lunch with the residents.
Afternoon: Experiential learning labs in assigned vocational training workshops.
Dinner with the residents.

Day 6 – Wednesday in San Patrignano:

Morning: Lectures
* The empowerment
* Job training, Sport and leisure time: nurturing each ones talent. The complex process of recovery through a range of engaging activities with the residents
Lunch with the residents.
Afternoon: Experiential learning labs in assigned vocational training workshops.
Dinner with the residents.

Day 7 –Thursday in San Patrignano:

Morning: Lectures
* Special needs for special groups. Addressing age, gender and parenting issues.
* The challenges of sustainability and social reintegration
Lunch with the residents.
Afternoon: Experiential learning labs in assigned vocational training workshops.
Farewell dinner at SP.accio

Day 8-Friday in SP, Rimini:

Morning: Lectures
*An extensive network to support families and their loved ones
* Q&A Replicability of the model: final wrap up
Lunch with the residents.
Afternoon: getting prepared for the departure and departure

Day 9 – Saturday:

Morning: Last departures
Note: This program might be subject to minor changes due to logistical or organizational issues.
Deadline for registration: 20 march 2018

Registration procedure:

In order to register please send the Registration Form part 1, a motivational letter and a copy of your CV to
Once you have been formally accepted we will provide instruction to finalize your registration with the Registration form part 2 and for the payment, which should be done via bank transfer.
Registration form part 1 April 2018
Registration form part 2 April 2018
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