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Admission to San Patrignano

Admission to Community and the length of the recovery program is completely free for both residents and for their families.

If you wish to be admitted to the rehabilitation community, you can proceed in one of the following three ways:

1. Through the associations

These can be found all over Italy and are made up of groups of parents, volunteers and people who have experienced problems with drug and are now living drug-free. Their role is to catalyze requests for help and provide support for people in their desire to change, helping them overcome addiction and suggesting the best way for their families to help. These associations also work in prisons, offering people jailed for drug-related crimes the opportunity to access information on alternatives to detention.
To find the association nearest you click here

2. By contacting us directly

You can contact our Admissions Office and communicate with us directly by phone, both traditional and electronic mail or by filling out a form on the bottom.
In order to be even more accessible, we also use instant messaging systems such a Skype and MSN Messenger if you prefer. Whichever way you choose to contact us, it is important you continue to keep in touch with us to prove your real determination to follow a rehabilitation programme.

Email: [email protected]
Via San Patrignano 53
47853 Coriano (Rimini) – Italia
Tel. +39 0541 362111
Fax +39 0541 756108

3. Through the territorial services (SerT- Drug Dependency Services)

Click here to download the list of public services that deal with drug addiction. Once the real determination of the person concerned has been ascertained, one or more interviews will be organized by our Admissions Office team in which the rehabilitation methods, principles and programme will be illustrated.
At the end of the interview, the person concerned can assess the proposal and freely decide whether or not the San Patrignano programme suits his or her needs. Acceptance leads to immediate admission to the community.