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An Alternative to Prison

Can people who are serving time (house arrest, community service order, etc.) for a drug-related crime committed on Italian soil be admitted to San Patrignano?

There are no preclusions regarding the type of disciplinary measure an individual wishing to start a rehabilitation programme at San Patrignano is serving. The only limit is represented by the sentence remaining (that is, what still remains to be served) at the time the request to be admitted is made.

Are there people who can support me in my future trial choices?

With regard to the executive phase of criminal proceedings (irrevocable, final), our legal office will take all the steps necessary to ensure community residents present the petitions required to avoid imprisonment to the competent courts.
With regard to the strictly trial or cognitive phases of any criminal case pending, over the years the Sanpa legal office has put together a network of 2,952 lawyers throughout Italy. Obviously, the lawyers in the aforementioned network that collaborate with our legal office do so at specially-agreed rates, but not free of charge. On the other hand, all assistance, consultancy, management, filing of applications and verification and collation activities by our legal office are completely free.

Can I still attend hearings while following a rehabilitation programme?

The right of the accused to attend hearings is unquestionable, as is the unquestionable right to waive this faculty. Exercising of the right to defence being guaranteed thanks to the intervention in court of a defence lawyer, the presence of the accused is a matter of choice. At San Patrignano the lawyer, the accused and the operator will make this decision together.
Alternatively, we recommend admission to the community after all trial-related issues have been dealt with.