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Diego Della Valle: « Entrepreneurs think also for solidarity »

An incitement to entrepreneurs to engage in society. This is the heart of the touching and humble speech that the patron of Tod’s and Hogan, Diego Della Valle, delivered yesterday evening to mark the Positive Economy Forum 2015, he has turned to San Patrignano to 1300 boys/girls of the community. Before taking part in the dinner with them in the large dining room, he reminded them not to lose sight of the true values: it’s benwhile since I’ve been back at San Patrignano, a place that fills the heart. I had come here in the past to figure out what I as an entrepreneurs can do for others».

Then the incitement to his colleagues: “the great entrepreneurs are to be regarded as great people not so much if they have success with their companies, but if they manage to do good for others. This is not meant to be a criticism, but a stimulus. Sometimes we’re too focused on the work to be able to think of others, when the most important thing is the relationship with people. I hope it is something more and more natural for young entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, sometimes when you reach a certain well-being you lose sight of everyday life. Instead we must remember that this is the time when we can do more for others. It’s amazing that the people who are more sympathetic are those who have less economic opportunities to help others. Companies must be able to support those around them, starting from its employees, and them the region».

An example is undoubtedly his project “Italians”: “this is not a new party as many have said, but a new charity project. We have tried to improve the relationship with our employees and the region, to help young people, senior citizens and the unemployed. We have chosen to dedicate to this project each year, 1% of the net profit of the group, for a company that goes well it is nothing and I hope that more companies will do the same. I like to imagine that any company can open a compass from its structure in order to help her nearby territory. In this way you could give a big hand to the country in the fields of solidarity and respect. I am convinced that soon people will begin to look with different eyes and to reward all those companies that demonstrate a particular attentionto others. We have to go back to values and to give importance to what our mothers told us before leaving home: “do good and behave yourself”.

10 April 2015