San Patrignano

is a home, a family for young people who have lost their way.
It is a COMMUNITY FOR LIFEthat welcomes all who are afflicted by dependencies or social exclusion, so that they regain their own way through a program of recovery that is primarily a path of love.
Free of charge, because love is a gift.

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The rehabilitation method

An educational path

The therapeutic programme is basically based on education and rehabilitation. The person is not considered afflicted by an “illness” and therefore, pharmacological treatments to combat drug abuse are not used.
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An individual programme

The rehabilitation programme is tailored to each resident and varies depending on the characteristics and needs of every single individual. There are no rigid therapeutic steps or a defined timescale.
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The importance of the group

When young people are admitted to the community, they are integrated into one of the training sectors at San Patrignano. Here they are entrusted to another young person ...
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The stages of rehabilitation

People grow by facing daily challenges with their colleagues and their sector manager (professional educators). This is how critical situations and the fragilities of the individual emerge ...
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05 September 2016

"Wefree", we are free, is one of the strongest messages that touched me by San Patrignano, we are free only when we live free without relying on nothing.

24 August 2016

“C’mon Chris don’t look at me like that, I feel embarrassed.”

“How else could I look at you, but don’t you see how beautiful you are?”